theoctopie said: Helloooooo! Nice to see you’re still around!


ask-ponies-sanjiandzoro said:forever followin u

fawncyfeline said: YOOOOO WELCOME BACK

olphey-fy said: I’m heeere :D

ramlethalvalentine said:welcome back~

ellidluffi said: Yes you my favorite <3

the-factorie said: Yay! ^___^

gaosaman said: I’m still following you *snuggles*

jak22-419 said: We’re still here!

anna-hiwatari said: Welcome back (even if it’s for the short amount of time). I know I miss your art and I know everybody else feels the same ^^

blackturtlefangirl said: Beep boop

speggies said: hello!!


((Sorry for my inactivity! I start my university course next month so I’m a bit uh
A bit lazy and a bit terrified I dunno man a mix of the two. I will try my best to update when I can!! I hope you guys don’t mind! Thank you for sticking with me thus far

… But I guess it’s a look only some people can pull off.

Dear God, Anonymous