On another note 2,650 followers??? that’s crazy whOA
I still get a ton of messages on here even while im away so I’ve put up a link to my personal blog if anyone needs to contact me! thanks for being here you guys!
On ANOTHER another note AWESOME JOB to all the askblogs new and old that are going strong right now, i love browsing through the new stuff even while im not able to participate myself! i really miss drawing shit that was…relatively humorous…but i got a bit more on my plate to worry about now so what can ya DO. Thanks again!

theoctopie said: Helloooooo! Nice to see you’re still around!


ask-ponies-sanjiandzoro said:forever followin u

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anna-hiwatari said: Welcome back (even if it’s for the short amount of time). I know I miss your art and I know everybody else feels the same ^^

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((Sorry for my inactivity! I start my university course next month so I’m a bit uh
A bit lazy and a bit terrified I dunno man a mix of the two. I will try my best to update when I can!! I hope you guys don’t mind! Thank you for sticking with me thus far

… But I guess it’s a look only some people can pull off.